Is this the end of Evine?

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Re: Is this the end of Evine?

Postby GeorgeH » Fri May 10, 2019 12:49 pm

Something I learned from working for the same company (the one that does TV ratings) for 34 years before retiring is that you can't manage what you don't measure. So I learned how to use Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. They are a handy tool for keeping track of shit like calories, household budgets, investments and yes watch collecting. When I retired in Jan 2005 I had time on my hands. When I started watch collecting in Jan 2006 I starting keeping track of every purchase in an Excel Spreadsheet. I had columns set up for:
Bought Brand Model Model # SER. NO. Paid Est. Value Insured Date Sold Price * S&H Paypal fee eBay fee Net PCT.

I blame watching Shop NBC for getting me interested (addicted) to the Invicta, Croton, Renato, etc types of watches. But, it was the watch Forums, including BDWF, where I started spending some really serious money on watches. Somebody would show off their nice Omega Seamaster, or Breitling Steelfish and I said I've got to get one of those! At one time I had 60 watches in my collection. I wouldn't call the watches an investment but they are a hobby and they are hard assets. If you go on cruise and spend $5,000 you've got some nice memories but you can't sell your memories for $4,000 and put that towards another cruise.

Hater wrote:1% of your entire portfolio is with that shopping network??? Really?

I suppose it would make sense trying to keep that place afloat.

Staying on topic; do people really purchase wristwatches (from wherever) and monitor their return on investments?
That is a new one on me and I shutter to know how my watch "investments" purchases equate to a profit and losses over the many years.
"Buy what you like and can afford"
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