Breitling Reveals Life-Saving Emergency Timepiece Now Availa

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Mortuus Fakeuus

Re: Breitling Reveals Life-Saving Emergency Timepiece Now Av

Post by Mortuus Fakeuus » Thu Jul 02, 2015 4:27 pm

I like the watch, but it's yet another Breitling I'll almost certainly never be able to afford, even if I weren't already dead and not in need of an emergency beacon. Sadly, and coming as no surprise, the goobs in the federal gub'mint slowed things way down and dragged their feet in allowing this to come to market. I hate playing games of "what-if," but I can't help but wonder if this delay might have cost a life (or two or three) over here while the federal mafia dithered and played with, um, gub'mint conducted thoroughly exhaustive and intensive testing. Ahem.

Sorry...please disregard the ranting of a soon-to-be-elderly despiser of the federal keystone kops...of course, um, I love and truly adore the people of the FAA! Why, yes I DO... :shock:
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