Hands-on with the Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman

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Hands-on with the Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman

Post by Artman » Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:26 pm

From wristwatchreview.com By Jim Manley

The fit of a watch is about more than its diameter—sometimes much more. I kept returning to that thought while wearing the Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman; although it measures 42mm across, it wears much bigger. But the calipers don’t lie, and neither does Hamilton. This is one of those watches about which numbers tell the least interesting part of the story.

Based on a vintage Hamilton design that was used by U.S. Navy “frogmen” tactical divers, and featured in the 1951 movie of the same name, the version I tested is actually the smaller of two re-editions. The bigger version has a 46mm titanium case and is three times more water-resistant—up to 1000 meters—than my 42mm stainless steel tester. The 42mm stainless versions are available in red, blue, or black, but the big boy only wears red.

https://wristwatchreview.com/2017/12/05 ... y-frogman/
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