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Post by Artman » Sun Apr 29, 2018 4:42 pm

Posted by Cameron Martel | Apr 24, 2018,


When I close my eyes and think of “G-Shock”, it’s the 5600E that comes to mind. It is to G-Shock what the F-91W is to Digital, and that’s no small thing. I love the F-91W because it’s an icon of an era; a time when having a chronograph on your wrist was genuinely useful and when having a calculator in your watch was a step above novelty.

It’s during that era – the late 80s and 90s – when G-Shock as a model line was born. And, in 1996, the DW-5600E – as pictured here – was released.

The 5600E is the definition of what I wanted to find when I started WYCA. It’s a great value, with excellent water resistance, enduring battery life, unparalleled visibility, and rugged build quality. It also managed to remain aesthetically relevant more than 22 years after its introduction.

These types of qualities are what I appreciate most in a watch. Let’s check it out.
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