3D Printed Watches - Michiel Holthinirichs

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3D Printed Watches - Michiel Holthinirichs

Post by Artman » Mon Apr 30, 2018 3:22 pm

Review The 3D Printed Watches of Dutch Watchmaker Michiel Holthinrichs – Part 2, Up Close with the Ornament 1

By Robin Nooy, monochrome-watches.com

After introducing Michiel Holthinirichs as a watchmaker and brand yesterday, it is time for an in-depth review of the Holthinrichs Ornament 1. I already explained some elements of the 3D printing used to create Michiel’s first watch, but feel it is important to underline the fact that this is not a gimmicky watch. It is not a watch that leans on the concept of 3D printing, this is a watch that incorporates 3D printing into its design and architecture. It’s not the first time we investigate 3D printing, but the Holthinrichs Ornament 1 takes 3D printing to a very different level.

https://monochrome-watches.com/3d-print ... rnament-1/
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