Conjurer Spreads His Ass Cheeks...

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Conjurer Spreads His Ass Cheeks...

Post by conjurer » Thu Aug 30, 2018 11:00 pm

I posted this at WL, but as I want to cast a wider net, I'll post it here, too.

...Like Archie Luxury. As we know, when Archie needs to raise funds for a new fake Patek or support his Russian mail-order bride, he's not too proud to stoop over and offer his tainted bung-hole for some Paypal money. I'll now do the same for donations for our forthcoming Fall Auctions for maintenance of the forum and a deserving charity (which will be determined soon.)

This is not to knock the generous guys who have already shipped me some good watch donations (with another on the way), but we're going to need some more to continue to make this thing a success.

When families with sick kids need funds to make sure their kids recover, where do they look? To WUS? Don't make me fucking laugh. Do they go hat-in-hand to TZ-UK? Fuck, no, they don't, because they'd get the dogs set on them. Imagine, if you will, some poor little kid, in a hospital bed, with a bunch of fucking tubes stuck in them, and they're wracked with pain from cancer, or the the drugs that hopefully make them free of cancer, and they don't want to cry, because their mom's sitting by the bed, and they don't want to upset their mom, because she hasn't slept in maybe a month. And their dad's outside, smoking a cigarette, which he -had quit ten years ago but now their kid's sick, and their kid might die, and this is too much, so dad went to the 7-11 and picked up a pack of Pall Malls because he needs something, anything, to take the edge off a little bit. And he thinks that smoking another deck of coffin nails won't matter too much, because if his kid dies, his wife won't be able to go on, and neither will he. And the kid's brothers and sisters are sitting at home, with Aunt Mag watching them, and they're looking at the TV but not really knowing what's on, because their sibling is in the hospital, in pain, and mom and dad won't talk, and they're scared.

And in all this darkness, in all this pain, who comes through? Who else steps up to help with the bill?

The motherfucking Watchlords, that's who. We are haterz, we are ball-breakers. When a troll stops by, we are the motherfuckers who drive him to a nice visit to the Pine Barrens. When we walk, the shills and jerkoffs tremble. God loves us, because we keep Heaven packed with fresh Geek souls. But...


We also hear the little kid crying because he's in pain, and cancer's eating him up. We hear his mom, who goes to another room to cry, because she doesn't want her son to hear her weeping. We hear his dad, in the depths of despair, his heels clicking on the pavement as he walks back and forth, trying to figure things out, trying to take charge, but he can't, because it's out of his hands.

But it's not out of our hands. We are the Watchlords, and when childhood cancer rears its revolting head, we kick it in the motherfucking balls. And this goes for pets who need to be adopted, or homeless veterans who need a hand up.

We are the Watchlords, and we are the motherfucking best.

Thank you for your time.
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Re: Conjurer Spreads His Ass Cheeks...

Post by biglove » Fri Aug 31, 2018 4:50 am

Don't have many watches remaining but let me look through them.
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