Updated RIP - BDWF aka Bestdamnwatchforum

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Updated RIP - BDWF aka Bestdamnwatchforum

Post by Darksider » Fri Mar 08, 2019 11:31 am


Bestdamnwatchforum.com redirect to watchforums.net index.php

The original Bestdamnwatchforum aka BDWF is dead, RIP. It was killed off by the neglect of Mike Horn who despite the best effort of members at the old forum and members here did nothing to help save the forum. Over the last year the excuses were health related. Having been in that position myself in 2014, I trusted the members to take care of their home and the keys were available to my daughter and would have been turned over if the worst had happened. In this case Mike made excuse after excuse and in my opinion it was all bullshit, just plain "I do not give a shit".

In the meantime the infamous rick marei http://www.doxawatches.com/The-SUB-Re-Surfaces.html moved BDWF to another server, breaking all of the links, shutting out mods and admins from previous permissions and in no uncertain terms, fucked the forum up. WL and WFN attempted to convince Mike Horn that we could salvage the forum or at least the date and import it into WFN. Instead of a straight answer Mr. Horn again played the "I have to check with Rick" game and BDWF finally died off. Apparently Horn did send the godaddy credentials to Rick otherwise the forum could not have been moved to a new server as re-direct permissions are needed to do something like that. But it appears from everything I have been able to find out over the last year that the DNS matter was BS (the forum was moved) and it was just broke by a guy and his IT staff who were in my opinion clueless.

WFN owns the domain names BDWF rocks and Bestdamnwatchforum.com Both domain names are set to redirect to WFN so if anyone even remembers bestdamnwatchforum, they will find the other place run by Ocean, Art and John. It is too god damn bad that no one cared enough for all those years of threads and history to try to save it other than a bunch of haters. If you were a member of the old BDWF, hopefully the folks here can convince you to participate on this forum.

From: Mike Horn <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, 5 April 2018 13:10
To: rick marei <[email protected]>
Subject: RE: Shutdown


Don't know what else I can send you other than the GoDaddy accct name/number and password ...


From rick marei
To 'Mike Horn'
Cc [email protected]
Date 2019-02-20 08:12

Dear Mike,

Alain contacted me about the forum, although I have no partnership/business with him or whatsoever, you are the legal co-owner of this forum, if you want to rescue what is left over of the forum, you need to give me a sign of life,. Please understand that I don't want to be difficult, the DNS entries are controlled by you (your email address/account at Godaddy), you are the only one who can edit them or give us access to them, so my IT staff can migrate the forum to a new hardware

1.If there is anything that is preventing you from replying like personal, heath or family matters, that I am not aware of, I totally understand, and I don't need to know the details but I still need to know
2.If have lost interest in the forum, please let me know what you have on mind
3.If you want Alain to represent you in this matter, I need your written confirmation, yet, you have to understand, that Alain's attitude towards me, my staff and DOXA is not what I refer to as "friendly", and it won't be easy to find a resolution with him if he pursues the same route
4.If you want to sell your shares of the forum, also please let me know

Until I hear from you, I am not entitled to make any decisions related to the forum ownership, and I will not discuss further any matters that are forum related with Mr. Rech.

Best regards

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Re: Updated RIP - BDWF aka Bestdamnwatchforum

Post by SFWatcher » Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:50 am

It was a slow agonizing death. Members drifted away one at a time for no apparent reason. And then all the sponsor links broke and posting was almost impossible. All of the encouraging posts about how things would be fixed were just frustrating and very disappointing. RIP
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