Why the Cartier Tank Is Still an Icon...

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Why the Cartier Tank Is Still an Icon...

Post by Artman » Mon Jun 03, 2019 8:24 pm

...100 Years After Its Launch

BY CAM WOLF, http://www.gq.com

One of the most elegant and refined timepieces in the history of watches was inspired by something no less brutal and built-for-war than a tank. In 1917, as boxy Renault FT-17 tanks crawled battlefields, the grandson of the brand’s founder Louis Cartier designed a watch inspired by an overhead view of the impressive and terrifying new war machines. Cartier sketched a pretty good approximation of the tank the way a bird would see it: a tight square case with lugs that protrude slightly out in all four corners—a nod to the tread on the Renault tanks. And over 100 years later, the watch remains an all-time classic.

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