Vertex M100

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Vertex M100

Post by Darksider » Thu May 21, 2020 9:54 am

Vertex M100 – The watch that you can’t just buy…

Imagine finding out something amazing that your grandparent did and then emulating it. That is exactly what Vertex Watches have done. The owner’s grandfather originally founded Vertex Watches in the early part of the 1900s and he wanted to bring them back with a modern twist. During World War 2, Vertex was selected as one of twelve watch companies who were selected to produce specialist watches to specific military specifications for military use (later known as the Dirty Dozen). The ‘crows foot’ or ‘broad arrow’ under the name on the dial shows that the item is ‘government property’, a traditional heraldry sign in England. Several thousand of the original watches were made and issued throughout the military but only a few still remain today, being highly sought after by both watch and militaria collectors. In 1972, due to the quartz watch revolution, Vertex died away into the shadows. In 2016, Vertex rose again. ... t-just-buy

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