Rolex and gray markets

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Re: Rolex and gray markets

Post by biglove » Mon Mar 15, 2021 3:22 pm

Doesn't surprise me in the least. And Rolex HAS to be aware and won't do a damned thing about it.

I won't ever pay over retail for one, so it doesn't have a direct effect on me. Sure, would love to own another but there are better made watches out there for the price they are commanding. And I will be damned if I go on a waiting list for a piece of jewelry, however popular or well made it may be.

Best comment on the video:
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Re: Rolex and gray markets

Post by temerityb » Mon Mar 15, 2021 4:47 pm

First off, I can't understand how anybody can listen to that "Time Teller" clown - yet another moke in a basement who started a "review" channel before going into "the watch business" for himself - without pitching their cell phone out the window, but that's just me. In one of his review videos, he can't even set his watch correctly. So there's that, but that's just me.

The "scandal" here about the one AD is old news, not that it's a good thing. However, I happen to be good friends with an AD here in the NYC/NJ/LI area, and he informed me that the real problem with all this is regular customers buying from stores like his at MSRP, flipping them to other stores for a markup (we are talking anywhere up to six grand), and then those dealers sell them for another markup. That's why we are seeing freakin' Oyster Perpetuals selling for $14,000 on the secondary market. Here's 3 41mm OPs from Chrono24 TODAY:


Keep in mind that the current Rolex list prices for these watches is $5,900. And this is just OPs - look up the new Subs, and bring a vomit bag.

We can blame Rolex for "looking the other way." Or for "not producing enough pieces." We can blame opportunists for the buy-and-flip. We can blame a lot of things.

Here's my take: I blame any f***ing idiot would would pay even one cent more than list price for anything. We have families waiting by their mailboxes for $1400 checks to keep a roof over their heads, and at the same time we have fools willing to pay fifteen grand for a five grand watch?

This is the Invicter fans buying three of the same watch from ShopHQ, but in reverse. So in that light, I don't consider any of this a problem - I just point and laugh.
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