Varon Chiri A Korean Microbrand

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Varon Chiri A Korean Microbrand

Post by svaglic » Thu Mar 09, 2023 4:18 am

Saw this on MoT, I like it, but then again I like about every watch I see.

Varon Chiri. A Korean Microbrand. They outsource their parts, but assemble and QC in Korea.

I like the blue and white ones, I also like the Korean version with the different design on the outer minute track
Korean version
Regular version
I think I would probably go with the white version because I’m not crazy about the red Blazer on the blue dial.

The colors offered
The specs
There is a lot to like here, right up until to the price of $590. Maybe I’m being shallow, but there is no way I’m paying $590 for a Korean Microbrands first project. I wouldn’t go over $300 and that’s being generous in my mind.
Time to start monitoring the used watches at watchrecon.

Apparently it was out on Indiegogo for $449 at launch, I missed that, but still think $449 is high. I would think the same of a Swiss or Japanese microbrands first project price also.

This is a nice looking watch, their site has links to reviews that are nice to read. I’m aware it is hard to get honest reviews these days, but it’s nice to see the watch is getting out there so others will buy it and I’ll get to hopefully see reviews of people who actually purchased it.

What do you guys think?
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