Seaborne Surfer

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Seaborne Surfer

Post by svaglic » Tue May 14, 2024 7:49 pm

Got it. It is so light weight that I filmed myself opening the package because I thought it was empty.
It came on a white silicone strap, so that is now in the box for safe keeping.
The size is great on me and it’s a worldtimer GMT, that’s cool to me.
I don’t like the shape of the lugs, a basic curved end bracelet did not fit, it’s a slight curve with some flat. For now, I have a straight edge ladder bracelet on it. I will figure something out, I have to since I don’t like straight edge bracelets on a curved lug.

It’s a nice watch in a color I didn’t have, so it has a place. I like it. If I see the other colors on the used market for a decent price, I will probably get them.
I know I could have waited and got this cheaper used, but I like supporting micro brands that I like and buying new from them is the way to do it.

Edit, I forgot to point out that the bezel shows popular surf breaks across the world.
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