Report & Review: Android Galactopus with Touch Screen

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Re: Report & Review: Android Galactopus with Touch Screen

Post by fatman » Mon Dec 31, 2012 2:07 pm

Mortuus wrote:
Ocean wrote:Took my phone a few tries to load this review wouldn't go yesterday. Good job Mort, I don't buy the 15-20 minutes to write it. As far as the watch meh. It under uses so much of what could have been done. Citizen has a new watch that works with aps on an iPhone.
Exactly the kind of thing Wing should have been doing, IMHO...

I agree 100%
With wings connections in china and he has many, he could have done much more. But then I will go back and say that wing as do all vendors on shlop have tremendous pressure on them from shlop to build what sells to the biggest teevee watch market and that is bunnyland members.
I know from a friend ( and of course this is hear say to you guys ) in new York that is in tune with the deep blue and android owner and they both have HAD to change their business model ( ie. Colors, sizes, prices etc.) to meet shlop demands. Of course it is somewhat obvious that Stan has and is trying ever so hard to slip out from under the covers with shlop.
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