This Motherfucker Just Came In...

Let's see 'em! Pics and Reviews welcome
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Mortuus Fakeuus

Re: This Motherfucker Just Came In...

Post by Mortuus Fakeuus » Thu Apr 30, 2015 1:39 am

Wow, Coinjuicer! That's a truly amazing watch! The dial's a bit on the plain side, but Citizen has their reputation to live up to...say, is that a GREEN dial? Oh, and is it from Japan or Nippon? And you said it was radio controlled? Whose radio controls it? Is it AM or FM? Or maybe it's a short wave? Who did the engraving on the back of the dial? Those Japanese sure make nice watches? Don't they. I sure like that gr-, um, GREEN dial? I don't see a boner anywhere on that watch? Perhaps you could point it out tummy...I mean, I'm just not seeing it?
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Re: This Motherfucker Just Came In...

Post by kahuna74 » Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:55 am

Dang Fuck.
I see the watch has LAX on the dial. did it fly threw, or is that where its being radio controlled from? O and I forgot to add, 'sweet', and what kind of 'engine' does that bad boy have under the hood (I mean Dial),,,,,
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