Black Knight quartz

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Black Knight quartz

Post by svaglic » Thu Oct 22, 2015 12:57 pm

I used to have an orange knight, but got rid of it because I thought I had too many orange divers. I didn't know the was a knight quartz. I got one. Unfortunately it doesn't have the bracelet, but the tropics strap is comfortable. My new grab and go quartz, I have been needing one since I got rid of my Zodiac. I'll keep looking for a bracelet on the cheap, it will be hard to find an after market one because of the way the lugs are, but half the fun is searching.

The lume, not awesome, but adequate.

I know the auto's have orange, white and black knights.
Quartz has black and white knights. I'm not sure avout an orange one.
Kinetic has black, but I'm not sure about white or orange.

My, new to me, quartz black knight grab and go.
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