Casio G Shock MR-G

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Casio G Shock MR-G

Post by mrneddles » Tue Aug 21, 2012 7:50 am

I bought mine a few years back, not for the insane prices they seem to command now. It is one of my absolute favorites. Reason? I love the lightweight titanium and the way it wraps around the wrist like an octopus. I wear it frequently as my ocean watch, and anytime a bump or scrape may be in the mix. The case is somewhere in the 42-44mm size east to west, never taken a caliper to it.

My version is an older one, with a light purple/grey dial. A few gripes: it is complex and I am instruction manual lazy. Also the backlight function flashes instantly on then off, and with my 40 year old eyes usually have to hit it a couple of times to find the hands and figure out the time in the dark. There may be a way to increase the backlight duration, but I've been too lazy to figure it out.

I was going to post more pictures, but will simply steal the WatchTanaka video of the current model, which is the same as mine except the dial and the bezel/function button order. The video gives you all you need.


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