Ocean 1 Vintage Comex39 Added to the Herd...

Let's see 'em! Pics and Reviews welcome
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Ocean 1 Vintage Comex39 Added to the Herd...

Post by thunder1 » Fri Jul 30, 2021 12:53 pm

Well, the Watch Gods smiled down broadly upon me this week & helped deliver the new Ocean 1 Comex39 to my doorstep. It's a SS 39mm offering that houses a Sellita SW200 movement(an ETA 2824-2 clone). It's a 39mm homage to a Rolex Submariner that was made in the 1960's for the French Comex company.

Here's a pic of it..
Steinhart Ocean 1 Vintage Comex39(1).JPG
Now, Steinhart didn't have to go to any great lengths to produce this fellow..it's very similar in design & appearance to the OVM39 presently offered by Gnomon..here's a pic of them side by side..
Steinhart Ocean 1 Vintage Comex39, OVM39(1).JPG
Between the 2, I'd have to say that I prefer the looks of the Comex 39 to the OVM39..the simpler bezel & Mercedes style hands do the trick for moi..still, the OVM39 will remain my 'go to' for yard work duty for the foreseeable future..

This Ocean 1 Vintage Comex 39 is also very similar in design & appearance to the 42mm Ocean 1 Comex, also offered by Olko Watches...however, the 42mm features Super Luminova C3 while the 39mm version has Super Luminova Old Radium..I think I prefer the look of the C3, but for me, it isn't a deal breaker..here's a pic of the 3 side by side..
Steinhart O1 39 Comex, 39OVM, O1 Comex(1).JPG
I w/b switching out the standard oyster bracelet for a jubilee once it arrives..nothing wrong w/ the oyster version, I just prefer the look & feel of the jubilee..if anyone out there is on the fence regarding these fellas, I hope this post helps some..
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Re: Ocean 1 Vintage Comex39 Added to the Herd...

Post by biglove » Fri Jul 30, 2021 3:11 pm

I like the newest purchase most of the three. I think the oyster looks better on these but that’s strictly my taste.

Nice addition.
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Re: Ocean 1 Vintage Comex39 Added to the Herd...

Post by temerityb » Sun Aug 01, 2021 7:14 pm

How did I miss this?

Just a great post - photos, the thoughts, everything about it. THIS is why I like watch forums. Don't get no better, as my learned father used to day. :smirk:
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