RZE Super Compressor

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RZE Super Compressor

Post by svaglic » Tue Aug 09, 2022 8:40 am

This is what all the pictures showed it looking like.
One reviewer complained that the back didn’t have a cool design on it or a display back. I think that’s a stupid complaint on a watch review for a super compressor.
A very generous bracelet, I had to remove 8 links. The edges of the bracelet and watch are kind of edgy, some would consider sharp, but it feels like butter on the wrist. Because it’s titanium is is so light and there is no digging in on the wrist. It is so light, almost don’t feel it at all.
This is what it really looks like, it almost looks black at some angles. I like this blue better then the pictures the company showed.

Being a titanium super compressor, I jumped on it. I think it was $650.00 and now it’s $699.00. I don’t think it’s worth that price, I think it’s a $450.00 watch, but I was really wanting it, so I’m not upset I paid what I did. If anyone wants one, I suggest waiting for a deal on a used one.
This is a real super compressor, not a compressor like. RZE did a real super compressor in titanium.
The size is 40mm, but it looks smaller on the wrist, this thing is great fitting.

My complaints are it has no ratchet clasp, I like those and divers should have them. I’m having trouble finding a good priced one to swap out, but the hunt is on and I will get one. It would be cool if RZE started making them and I could get one there.

The dive bezel is not for diving. They asked their customers what they wanted and the idiots wanted a dual time zone bezel on a super compressor watch. Reminds me of the stupid Watchgeeks wanting stupid sizes and anything else to mess up a watch. I don’t dive anymore, but it just seems like if you are making a super compressor you would want the dive bezel.

Overall I’m happy. The fit on the wrist is perfect and comfortable. The actual blue the dial is, is better then what they advertised it as, it is so light weight, it’s a super compressor. It’s a cool watch.
I understand that the coating they use is pretty much scratch proof, so I have a watch that will look good after years of use.
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