Spinning my wheels with another cheapie

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Spinning my wheels with another cheapie

Post by svaglic » Wed Jan 11, 2023 9:01 am

I love the look of the Serica 5303. It is 39mm with a different look and a cool bezel. I want the blue so bad, but it’s not that it’s $1250.00….. it’s that it is $1250.00 with stem and movement issues that they aren’t taking care of. I just can’t flush that kind of money away.
Here is a picture of the one I love. Midnight blue dial and blue bezel.

Leave it to the Chinese, Aliexpress and watchdives sell a “homage” now. Not in blue though.
It has a date at the 6, but other than that it is probably more than an homage.
The name is Ipose Serca 5303, lol. Recliner pointed out the name Ipose as I Pose.
Here is what I got.
You can get it with a PK5000, SW200 or an ETA 2824, I got the PK because it was the cheapest and I’m hoping this watch is just temporary until Serica fixes their movement issues.
Aliexpress sells Ginza dials in silver, blue, black and tiffany so I’ll probably put a silver Ginza dial in it when I get a Serica blue.

I really like this watch, the size is great, it fits the wrist great, the watch band is awesome, the bezel is cool and I just flat out like it. My nephew gave his only comment on my watches yesterday, he said he liked it and it was nice. Caught me off guard because a few months ago he said he wasn’t into watches. Of all the nice ones I have, he comments on this one, comical.

The homage is so close to the original here, that I probably shouldn’t have bought it. I wouldn’t have if Serica was taking care of business and fixing issues instead of denying them. I really want to give Serica my money, but not until I can be assured a watch that works.
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