the karma... it's really good

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the karma... it's really good

Post by nimbleboy » Fri Mar 03, 2023 7:27 pm

Greetings and salutations fellow watchers,

As you probably do not know, I am someone who actively tries to influence my corner of the world in a positive way. I do not care two whits about what one does for a living; I am the sort of lunatic who does all my judging on the basis of character. That said, I work mainly as an instructor and occasionally as a driver for the primary transit agency in the Twin Cities, MN, USA. That means I work with, work for, and meet a cross-section of nearly the entire Twin Cities. The doctor I used to take to work at a hospital was anomalous, but she exists. The fellow who passed out onto his plate of assorted slices of cheesecake is more representative of the people I meet when I drive. Notably, same route. (Fortunately for him, I saw the inevitable body-shift during naptime coming and wrapped that plastic platter of delight in a plastic bag.) Flattened cheesecake tastes the same as pre-flattened cheesecake, and I hope you can trust my judgement of character enough to believe presentation wasn’t high on his requirements for caloric intake. I prefer the city (inner-city, really) routes because I believe my smile might be the only one the people getting on my bus see all day. Yikes! I realize I sound insufferable. Honestly, I probably am insufferable. Not just probably. My partner is a bus driver and she gets tired of my exhortations to "let it go." Admittedly, I'm not a pretty white lady, so she experiences a lot more bullshit than I ever will.

I've been dirt poor. I grew up in a family with a one-teacher income for most of my life. We weren't poor, but we were just getting by. I went to college to be a teacher. Throughout the course of getting that degree, I paid attention to my parents' experiences as teachers (by then, my mom had gone back to teaching). Yeah, I saw all those helicopter parents coming a mile away. No thank you very much. So I spent the '90s working in restaurants in South Dakota and Iowa. If you need a reason to lose faith in people, that's as good a recipe as any. Then I thought I figured me out and went to school to be a librarian. Basically, I spent the '90s with no money and in crippling debt.

Jumping ahead a decade or two, a couple years ago, I got into a relationship with a multi-millionaire who said she was going to marry me and spirit me away to Scotland? Colorado? Who knows... Are you familiar with love-bombing and all that entails? I wasn’t, but I am now. Holy crap, I dodged a very lovely, very smart, messed-up bullet. And for a moment, I glimpsed a life I’ll never see again.

So around the turn of the millennium, I figured out I didn’t want to work in a library. But I learned a lot of important things in library school that have gotten me where I am now. So far, so good. I drove some buses, I got tired of looking at the same old Citizen, I googled “is Invicta good” or some such thing, and ended up at WatchLords. I’ll forever be thankful to that gruff-but-lovable crew for teaching me all about something new.

Anyway, when I go to work I have a lot of responsibilities, and even though I’ve done everything I can to avoid responsibility my whole life, my duties are manageable- even enjoyable. When I come home, I have plenty of responsibilities and I’m slowly learning (as a mid-50s guy) to be a good partner.

I enjoy a decent income with what I assume is an average amount of debt. Bottom line- I’m a middle-class, fairly unremarkable guy who looks forward to going to work 98% of the time. I have enough friends and I am confident that I am a net positive to the universe.

This is, of course, leading to the concept of karma. I understand that it took a long time for me to get here. You’re 110% forgiven for skipping to the photos.

I don’t think much about karma. I’m a protestanty/agnosticy/prolly atheist who is happy with trying to follow the Golden Rule. However.

I might reconsider the notion of karma. I’ve been on the receiving end of some pretty nice watch karma, and I believed I have the goods, the intention, and the means to send that lovely vibe back into the universe. Until now.

I responded to a plea from a forum member desperate to find homes for a number of nice-looking watches. I have no earthly idea what said forum member might have done to incur the wrath of the universe such that the re-homing of a number of beautiful watches might cover their karmic deficit. Or is it, I wonder, a long shot at building up enough universal harmony to skate through some future unknown-to-the-rest-of-us moral failing or catastrophe? We may never know.

I’ve had enough whiskey to call this a post. Look at this beauty of a watch. Is it a zombie? Sure. Do I care? Hahaha! No way! I got a taste for this style early on in my watch trek… but I’ve never saved enough for a vintage Kon Tiki and this scratches that itch in a huge way. Miyota nine thousand something… perfect. Damn, I love this thing! And the bracelet is soooo cool. 

What did I pay for this? Nothing.

What?!? Yeah. Nothing.

Despite spending much of my life doing the worse-off people around me a solid, I still think I owe the universe a lot. And I’m fairly infatuated with this watch. I had no idea. (To be fair, I’ve worn it one whole day.)


And then, to exacerbate the horological joyride, my mysterious (only to few here, I’m sure) benefactor included another perfectly glorious watch in the package. Holy shit. As I have already demonstrated, I’m speechless.


Anyway, if any of you find yourself in Minneapolis with time to kill, message me and I’ll show you a good time, especially if you like pinball and/or rock and roll.

 Cheers, and thanks a million to You Who Deserves It.
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Re: the karma... it's really good

Post by thunder1 » Mon Mar 06, 2023 7:57 am

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