Stop2Go by Mondaine

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Stop2Go by Mondaine

Post by Ocean » Fri Apr 05, 2013 4:30 am

I have always liked these saw this on Europa Star.


Europa Star WorldWatchWeb, 2 April 2013 Español 中文

Swiss trains are renowned for their punctuality and Swiss stations for their iconic clocks, the design of which has been licensed to Mondaine for production of wristwatches (and was cheekily copied by Apple for the clock design in the iOS 6 release).

Aside from their minimalist design, these clocks all share a common feature that is instrumental in ensuring the punctuality of Swiss trains: every minute, the seconds hand stops for two seconds, during which every clock on the Swiss railway network is synchronised.

Thanks to a new, specially conceived movement, Mondaine now offers the most true-to-life wrist-sized replica of the famous station clocks to date. The Swiss Made Mondaine calibre 58-02 uses two motors—one to drive the seconds hand and one to make the minutes hand jump (and thus turn the hour hand) in order to mimic the operation of the Swiss station clocks. The seconds hand makes one revolution of the dial in 58 seconds before stopping for two seconds at 12 o’clock. It then continues moving once the minute hand has jumped.

The new movement is used in the new Stop2Go model in brushed stainless steel, a numbered edition that comes with a black leather strap.
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Re: Stop2Go by Mondaine

Post by AJC » Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:24 am

My understanding is that these were available for a while then were discontinued a while back. This movement must be different.

I have two Omega DeVille's that do the same thing.
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