With the Christopher Ward C8 Power Reserve Chronometer, less can be subjectively more..

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With the Christopher Ward C8 Power Reserve Chronometer, less can be subjectively more..

Post by thunder1 » Tue Mar 23, 2021 4:54 pm

Well, I recently added a previously loved CW C8 Power Reserve Chronometer to my Herd. This version features the DLC case. Here's a couple pics of it..
My interest in this CW effort is two fold..1)I'm a huge fan of Power Reserve indicators on dial faces, and 2)I've grown quite fond of my Oris Big Crown Pro Pilot. So when the opportunity presented itself for me to acquire the CW at a reasonable price point, I jumped on it. I'm glad I did!!

I thought I'd post some pics of the 2 side by side & mention their basic similarities.
IMG_0416 (1).JPG
IMG_0422 (1).JPG
First off, both cases measure 44mm wide and both have a lug width of 22mm. Both have a 50m WR rating. While the Oris has a screw down crown, it is 13.85mm thick, and the CW is 11mm thick.

An while the Oris in-house calibre 111 features a 10 day power reserve rating, the in-house CW SH21 has a 5 day power reserve rating. However, it is COSC rated.

So, both watches are very similar in size and function. For me, though, the subjective differences are quite noticeable. And these ae 2-fold. One, since the watch is 2mm thinner, it wears better. For me, it quite apparent when switching between the two. But most importantly, the matt black CW C8 dial is much more appealing to look at. The various touches of red are very striking, as are the skeletonized hands. And it is easy to see that the inspiration for the dial layout stems from old aviator clocks.

I know that CW has discontinued the production of the C8. For me, that's hard to understand given that Oris is still selling their Big Crown Pro Pilot with some success. And that the C8, when new, sold for about a 1/3 of the Oris retail price!! I know that I may not be posting anything that someone else hasn't already posted, but if there's any folks out there torn between these 2 watches as possible additions, I strongly recommend picking up the C8 first!!..Good luck hunting!!
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Re: With the Christopher Ward C8 Power Reserve Chronometer, less can be subjectively more..

Post by biglove » Tue Mar 23, 2021 5:21 pm

I would prefer the CW. Absolutely outstanding work there. Congrats on picking one up. Folks seem to hang onto their CWs. Honestly, if I could have any brand back that I have sold, it would be a close run between CW and Omega. They are that good!

And this new to you C8, the hours I could spend staring at that caseback. ♥️

Waiting for the next CW sale to pickup a C65 GMT Pepsi.

Would love to be able to pull off the C60 yellow/black Chrono but the L2L and height would be too much for me. A damned shame. Still, for the right price...

Their quality is almost on par with Sinn/Omega and for the sale prices, they are solid watches.
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