Finally, a Maanshan Shiba "Sun & Moon" 日月 world-timer watch comes to the AMCHPR

Timepieces from the Land of the Rising Sun, or thereabouts
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Finally, a Maanshan Shiba "Sun & Moon" 日月 world-timer watch comes to the AMCHPR

Post by AlbertaTime » Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:56 pm


Built by the Maanshan Shiba Watch Factory in the 1980s, the twist on this watch is that the center disc is the hour hand, and rotates in place of the hour hand. In the example of the dial photo above, the time is 16.5 minutes to 11 (or 10:43.30) Beijing time, Beijing being the zone with the red star and characters, and the minute hand points to roughly 43 minutes on the dial as normal.

Meanwhile, the small red pointer above Beijing is at roughly 16 minutes to 11 (between 10 and 11) as well and approaching 11 minute by minute. The red pointer will be at 11 at 11:00.

From saskwatch's wonderfully detailed WUS post, the zones are as follows

Outside ring (clockwise), starting with Beijing (red star and characters)

Beijing 北京 (with a red star ★ )
Tokyo 东京 (thin red arrow)
Canberra 堪培拉
Noumea 努美阿
Wellington 惠灵顿 (thick red arrow for GMT)
Alofi 阿洛菲
Paris 巴黎
Cairo 开罗
Moscow 莫斯科
Mauritius 毛里求斯
Karachi 卡拉奇
Dhaka 达卡
Singapore 新加坡

On the inside ring (clockwise):

Georgetown 乔治敦
Brasilia 巴西利亚 (thin red arrow)
Praia 普拉亚
Iceland 冰岛
London 伦敦 (thick red arrow for GMT)
Apia 阿皮亚
Honolulu 檀香山
Dawson 道森
Los Angeles 洛杉矶
Salt Lake City 盐湖城
Chicago 芝加哥
Washington 华盛顿
(As saskwatch noted in his post, Iceland and Dawson are misplaced)

It's very easy to read once you get the hang of it, so this will probably be my main travel watch when I'm in China in April. These are quite rare and somewhat expensive by VCM standards now (1700 RMB at todays' market price)

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