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G Shock news

Post by Ocean » Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:04 am

Though Casio announced several new and important G-Shock models just a few weeks ago in the United States, the watches themselves can be seen and worn right now in Tokyo, the innovative Japanese company’s home city.

And seeing Casio timepieces is exactly why International Watch was in Tokyo last week as Casio displayed its new G-Shock, Baby-G, Edifice, Oceanus and Pro Trek watches to members of the press, collectors and its local retailers at a special exhibition of the year’s newest Casio models.

Among the highlights is the MT-G, a premium G-Shock watch made with a sapphire crystal and steel bezel, bracelet and case the firm announced in the U.S. just a few weeks ago. The watch operates via a multi-band atomic timekeeping controller and features a dual-layer dial with four subdials and a wholly new single-crown activation system. The technology allows intuitive access to all key functions by simply unlocking the quick-lock crown and turning it in the desired direction.

Also on display is the new Rangeman, a 200-meter solar-power G-Shock model ($300) that features three sensors (altitude, compass and temperature/barometer) operating from a single crown, and also includes sunrise/sunset data and full timekeeping and time recording options.

And amid this month’s flurry of “smart watch” debuts Casio reminds its fans that it has offered Bluetooth-connected timepieces for several years, this year enhancing the line with its Mobile Link function that will connect to your iPhone and, new this year, a Samsung Galaxy S4.

This new Casio model will offer the wearer full control of that mobile device’s music (including volume, next song, previous song), and will alert its wearer of any of a host of phone events like an incoming call, message or email or calendar event. An unlike all the recent headline-grabbing “smart watches,” the Casio Bluetooth watch (model GBX6900B) doesn’t need to be frequently plugged into a power outlet to be charged.


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