Bring back the Jakal?

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Bring back the Jakal?

Post by mrneddles » Thu May 10, 2012 8:16 am

From Mr. Mink's FB page, a smattering of replies when he posted the question, "Should I bring back the Jakal?"

I like that

Yes bring it back, but don't use the 251.262. IMO.

Yes, as long as your partners don't make it cheaply!

Thanks for using my pic of my favorite Renato; the Jakal.
My vote is YES.

Didn't know it was you Dan didn't recognize the last name . Yes bring it out again . I wish you didn't sell your company !!



Personally, I applaud it as one of Daniel's truly original designs. I have never seen anything close. However, the dimensions of the rectangular case made it unwearable for me.

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