New brand: Zavtra

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New brand: Zavtra

Post by mrneddles » Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:45 am

A joint effort from Wing Liang of Android and Russian brand guy Craig Hester (Vostok for example). This via FB:

New Russian and military inspired collaboration from Craig Hester and Wing Liang coming soon:

Wing Liang of Android and Craig Hester of Detente Watches have teamed up to create a new concept brand inspired by the Russia of yesteryear and built for the watch enthusiast of tomorrow. In fac
t, the brand's name "Zavtra" translates as "Tomorrow" in Russian.

Craig's nearly 20 years engaged in the the w
orld of Russian and Eastern European horology melds with Wing's two decades of renown watch design with Android to create a fusion of something entirely new. An unprecedented blending of vision, design and energy resulting in a genuinely fresh and exciting watch concept.

Like many Russian watch brands, Zavtra watches draw inspiration from landmark military mechanical achievements, including the world's first amphibious tank, the Russian T-37, or the famed Yak 9 fighter plane. Yet with Wing and Craig collaborating on the designs, these will be neither retro nor industrial, but a combination thereof. Military, but beyond the olive green, with a flair not usually seen in battlefield timekeeping.

East.. meets far east.. meets west.

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