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New watches from Reactor

Post by Ocean » Thu May 10, 2012 3:41 pm

When I last talked to Tony, this was coming out around this time and told me this is Reactor's very first Automatic. The price for it is a little high but also falls into the prices they have been charging. I know Tony and the people over at Reactor are very proud of the new Poseidon. The rest is from oceanictime.
2012-05-10REACTOR Poseidon TITANIUM
By TLex The REACTOR Poseidon gets a new Titanium sibling. Not only is the watch lighter, more corrosion resistant and more comfortable on the wrist than the Steel Poseidon, but it marks a new era in REACTOR Watches' watchmaking history.

It is their first ever model to be fitted with a mechanical movement. The transition from Quartz to Hybrid to Mechanical has been a relatively short one for the Californian watch company, who had always felt that mechanical movements kind of went against the grain of what professional sports watches were about.

Quartz movements are not only extremely accurate and reliable, but they are incredibly robust, able to take the kind of punishment that would be dealt out by the demanding sports and activities that Reactor's customers used them for. However REACTOR are confident that they have found a the mechanical movement in the Japanese made Miyota 9015 that continue to offer excellent performance . . .

From REACTOR The 1000M depth-rated Titanium Poseidon features a 48mm case with exhibition caseback and dual rotating timing bezels. The internal bezel is bi-directional (operated by the 2 o’clock crown), while the external bezel is unidirectional and features a precision 120-click mechanism. In addition, both Poseidon Ti models feature REACTOR’s patented Never Dark dial technology, combining tritium tubes and SuperLuminova, for the ultimate in low light and no light performance.

The limited edition mechanical version is shipped in an over-sized, color-matched gift box and includes a solid titanium bracelet and a rubber strap, along with special tools and extra screw bars for easy band swaps. The quartz version is shipped in REACTOR’s second life cylinder package and is equipped with a titanium bracelet. Both watches will begin shipping at the end of May with a suggested retail of $1,500.00 and $900.00 respectively.

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By TLex INTRODUCING the new REACTOR Gryphon, tactical watch. The Gryphon uses REACTOR’s hybrid ‘case-in-a-case’ technology that combines high-tech polymers and 316L Stainless steel to create a watch that is ready to meet the rigors of active military duty.

Water-resistant to 200meters, the Gryphons case measures 42mm. It is fitted with a tough K-1 hardened crystal and a 120-click type divers bezel. It is available in four dial colors: shown here orange, black and cammo priced 350USD. Please see below for further details or click on the REACTOR logo at the bottom of the page to discover more . . .

From REACTOR, maker of the world’s most durable and progressive sport watches, today announced the introduction of the Gryphon, a new watch developed from the ground up exceed the demands of active duty military and LE personnel and the company’s first use of a unique new polymer-steel hybrid case construction.

Gryphon features a unique “case-in-a-case” construction that combines the best attributes of stainless steel and high-tech polymers. “Plastics are great for their weight and durability against abrasion,” said Reactor President Jimmy Olmes, “but you cannot meet our standards for strength or water resistance with plastics alone, so we set out to find a way.” The result is a solid 316L stainless steel core that provides integrity for all the key interface points.

The special K-1 hardened crystal mounts with an I ring into stainless steel, the screw down crown is welded into the stainless steel core and the forged stainless steel case back threads into the stainless steel core providing maximum water resistance over the long term.

This internal core is then wrapped with a strong and highly impact resistant, reinforced polymer that REACTOR calls Nitromid™. The end result is a hybrid watch with all the integrity of solid 316L stainless steel and all the shock and abrasion resistance of a hi-impact polymer.

“Our black-plated watches have been very popular with our military and LE customers,” said Olmes, “but black IP over stainless is still more reflective than we would like, and it can be scratched, revealing the bare metal underneath. The Gryphon has a truly non-reflective surface that will not show a scratch, and it is lighter weight without sacrificing any strength.”

In addition to this unique case construction REACTOR developed a new strap that combines the comfort and odor resistant capabilities of AA grade silicone with the tensile strength of polyester webbing. Taking inspiration from their highly successful natural rubber and silicone band used on other REACTOR watches, REACTOR overlaid a tightly woven polyester webbing that serves as the interface at the case. This provides unprecedented strength, durability and comfort without the perspiration-absorption issues of normal webbing-based straps.
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