Teddy takes on MVMT - Full Documentary

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Teddy takes on MVMT - Full Documentary

Post by Racer-X » Sun Sep 01, 2019 3:18 pm

MVMT, got their start 6 years ago, in June of 2013. A brand started by two college-aged guys from Southern California, Jake Kassan and Kramar LaPlante. But amidst their growth from 0 to 100 million dollars in just 5 years, and being acquired by the long-standing player in the industry, Movado, the criticism rose alongside the sales, making them one of the most controversial consumer brands in the world. In this video, we address the controversy head-on, with a trip to MVMT's world headquarters.


4:40, Buying from Alibaba.
9:31, The owner reacts to a popular video exposing MVMT's supply chain and production.
18:30, The owner reacts to a controversial influencer video comparing MVMT to Rolex.
23:00, Archie Luxury is the Godfather.
33:12, Teddy gives the owner his final thoughts.
40:50, Jean Claude Biver lays down some reality.
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