Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Good value or scourge of the watch industry...you decide
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Re: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Post by temerityb » Sun Jun 20, 2021 4:10 pm


Okay, let's go over the sales hype on de page:

Let’s face it—a globetrotter like you needs a watch capable of tracking more than one time zone. You bet - those t-shirt and flip-flop wearing ShopHQ callers need a watch that can tell the difference in time from Murfreesboro to Henderson, Tennessee. When they find out it's the same time zone, they'll send the watch back to Slop claiming it's broken and insist on getting another one.

What if I told you that the Invicta Aviator Zulu can track four time zones? A 50mm square case gives you access to four separate 12-hour registers. These babies ensure that wherever you land, you’ll never lose a single second! Just secure a stainless steel bracelet around your wrist and prepare for takeoff! What if I told you this watch will never be worn on the plane, since it's so honkin' big that it'll set off the metal detector, forcing you to leave it in your Aquaman carry-on? Oh, and who is "I"? We're reading; you're not talking to us. We can't see you. It's like when someone writes "speaking of watches..." No, you're not speaking of watches, you're writing about them. Methinks the Slop webpage hired a former click-bait writer to churn out that turgid ad copy, the hook that makes Cletus reach for his pre-paid MasterCard.
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