1МЧЗ/Полет 53303 22-Jewel Deck Watch : A Milestone in Russian Horology

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1МЧЗ/Полет 53303 22-Jewel Deck Watch : A Milestone in Russian Horology

Post by Darksider » Tue Aug 18, 2020 8:08 am

originally published by roo7

The 1МЧЗ/Полет 53303 was first manufactured in the First Moscow Watch Factory in the 1950s, it is based on the Ulysee Nardin deck watch caliber. (It's unclear whether it's a copy or they purchased the tooling from UN)

In 1977, marine chronometers and deck clocks from the First Moscow Watch Factory cruised to the North Pole on a nuclear/atomic-powered vessel "Arktika" and sustained the ordeal with honor.


Ulysee Nardin example

The first version of the caliber came with 24 jewels and a short central bridge. The earliest version I seen so far is from the 2nd quarter of 1951 with no Geneva striping and the latest from the 4th quarter of 1955.

24 Jewel version with no Geneva striping from 1MWF, resembles closely to the Ulysee Nardin

The second version came with 22 jewels and a longer central bridge, earliest I seen so far is from the 3rd quarter of 1958, the latest or newest, dated 2nd quarter of 2004. (from an online store).

22 Jewel version from 1MWF

I realised both the 24 and 22 jewel examples has the below part missing for fine adjustment at the balance wheel. (Both photos are from eBay. )

The closest diagram I can find illustrating the part. This is from a recent patent, I do not know if the original design was patented.

Technical details
A fine adjusting device for a sprung balance, formed of a balance provided with poising screws, pivoted between a plate and a balance cock supporting an index, and a balance spring, by means of poising screws and tightening devices provided at the balance cock and the index, wherein the index is provided with a first lug in which there is fixed a first device tightening the outer-curve of the balance spring, said device being formed by a vise comprising a fixed jaw secured to the first lug and a mobile jaw that can be maneuvered by a conical head screw, and wherein the balance cock is provided with a second device for tightening the end of the balance spring, said device being identical to the first and fixed in a plate secured to the balance cock and able to be maneuvered by a conical head screw and wherein the balance cock is provided with a second lug including a third tightening device formed by a screw screwed into said lug through an oblong aperture of an annular extension of the index to lock said index in a determined position, the three screws enabling a fine adjustment to be carried out.

(All that in one sentence !)

Source: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7059764.html

Finally, the photos of my own 53303

Opening the top cover will reveal the face.

A closer look at at the face

Opening the second cover will reveal the whole watch

Palm shot, I didn't expect the watch to be that big.

A side to side comparison with my Volna that I'm wearing today.

Close up of the dial, it's is very clean.

The outer caseback, I have no idea why it's red.

Lastly the crown shot with a pusher to time adjustment.

Removing the first cover

Both covers removed

The mis-matched barrel bridge, it's from the earlier 24-jewel version. Maybe it's default from the factory

Another shot to capture the Geneva striping

The fine adjustment part

The beautiful 1МЧЗ С. М. Кирова logo

It's such a beauty, the only downside is the wrong barrel bridge
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