You know your a WIS when…

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You know your a WIS when…

Post by JAS1125 » Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:33 am

Found this on a Google search......even gives the names for credit of each listing.

You know your a WIS when…

You know your a WIS when…
Posted on January 11, 2009

As a collector of watches, I have spent too much time hanging around other watch freaks talking about…watches. We have our own lingo and humor. Don’t be surprised if this post just goes right over your head.

you spend 10 minutes deciding which watch you’ll wear while mowing the lawn. (Foghorn, BDWF)

you choose which watch you’re gonna wear in the morning and then choose your clothes to go with the watch! (awhitegt, BDWF)

your having relations with your significant other and you spend the night looking and wondering how long the lume on your watch will last (monster623az, BDWF)

while driving down the highway; you’re staring at your watch in the drivers side mirror. (Jeffrey-L, BDWF)

you notice you have 2 Gigabytes and 4,000 Files worth of watch pics in 40 folders. (scamp, BDWF)

you walk away from a conversation, hoping the person didn’t see your eyes following his/her wrist trying to distinguish if the watch is worth discussing. (Rob N, BDWF)

you arent going anywhere today but you have changed watches twice already. (nac, BDWF)

you sit through a business meeting and the only thing you can remember is what watch each person was wearing! (natgas, BDWF)

you keep all of your watches in your display case, right next to your easy chair, instead of in your bedroom, on your dresser. (rwsnc1, BDWF)

when it makes a difference if the watch is Swiss made, Swiss Movement and Swiss parts movement. (Fresno, BDWF)

you know what a WIS is. (Or Ology, BDWF)
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