The Time Bum: Carrnegie Classic

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The Time Bum: Carrnegie Classic

Post by JAS1125 » Sun Apr 21, 2019 5:01 am

Straight outta the box, I don't like this one......goofy lugs, 19mm strap and a dial that looks a lot like a Timex they ripped off Andrew Carnegie's name!

Carrnegie Watches is the product of two young Canadians who bonded over their shared love of watches, and apparently, steel baron Andrew Carnegie, whose name they admittedly borrowed for their venture and altered with an additional "R" that makes me want to read it as if I were I pirate. That aside, they have a line of watches that offer a distinctive look for a very affordable price. There are dozens of color and strap variations available. In exchange for this review, they gave me a rose gold "Classic" model with a white dial and brown calf strap.

Image ... EjTzjX3NUU
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Re: The Time Bum: Carrnegie Classic

Post by temerityb » Sun Apr 21, 2019 6:15 pm

Looks like the stuff you'd see in boxes that lost their tops on an end cap at J.C. Penny, with a red sticker, a drastically reduced price, and an anti-theft device attached. As if anyone would steal it.
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