A Review of the Bernhardt Corsair GMT

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A Review of the Bernhardt Corsair GMT

Post by JAS1125 » Thu Jun 20, 2019 10:36 am

Never pulled the trigger on a Bernhardt but have heard nothing but positive comments about the brand, and Fred.

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Not long ago, we had the honor of sitting down for the second time with owner and purveyor of Bernhardt Watches, Fred Amos. The man’s knowledge of the watch business is unparalleled and he is such a good dude and a real pleasure to be around. During our last meeting, we were given the opportunity to spend some time with his newest release, the Corsair GMT, an insanely gorgeous model and quite the smart instrument. While the average man (me to be specific) doesn’t need a GMT function in a timepiece, it is still a freakin’ cool complication to look at and force yourself to use. While sometimes I feel inadequate to term my writings as a “review” or even informational, I still immensely enjoy writing and talking about things that please me aesthetically. So with that, let’s jump in.

http://colawatch.com/bernhardt-corsair- ... ND7virzsfU
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