Just One More Watch...Seiko SARY057

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Re: Just One More Watch...Seiko SARY057

Post by temerityb » Sun Apr 21, 2019 6:12 pm

Maybe it's my browser, but I don't see a video, although there's a space for one.

Anyone who's read my blathering rantings knows I'm the last person who'd to YouTube for watch information - yet, I really like Just One More Watch, since that guy Jody reviews watches that virtually nobody else touches, like Seiko 5, obscure Chinese homages, micros, and other stuff that's off the beaten path, and usually at budget prices. He's got a cool accent, too. Just One More Watch is the chip diamond in an endless sea of self-absorbed YouTube "watch shows," most of which are either amateurishly embarrassing or a come-on for some shysters' "online stores."
“Jewelry isn’t really my thing, but I’ve always got my eye on people’s watches.” – Clive Owen
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