The Best Accessible Watches we saw at Baselworld

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The Best Accessible Watches we saw at Baselworld

Post by JAS1125 » Mon Apr 22, 2019 4:49 am

With the Swatch Group gone from Baselworld 2019, the “Value Proposition” category, meaning watches under EUR 2,500, has been seriously affected. Brands like Tissot, Mido, Hamilton or Longines usually perform well in this segment. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean we haven’t seen some cool things at Baselworld this year (and around the fair too). Here are the best accessible watches we spotted in March – all priced under 2.5K, and because you’re reading MONOCHROME, they all feature a mechanical movement. ... orld-2019/
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Re: The Best Accessible Watches we saw at Baselworld

Post by temerityb » Mon Apr 22, 2019 1:50 pm

MeisterSinger has always intrigued me. I still can't believe I saw one of their watches at a Nordstrom Rack a couple of years ago, marked down to like $700 (I'm not kidding - a MiesterSinger in an off-price store; I looked up the watch online and the list price was like three grand). Shoulda grabbed that thing and ran out of the store. To this day, I've never seen one discounted anyplace else.

No, correction - I've never seen another MiesterSinger anyplace else.
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