The revival of the Gold Watch

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Re: The revival of the Gold Watch

Post by nimbleboy » Fri Mar 19, 2021 5:30 pm

I have a few gold watches, relatively few, here's my first...

I bought this one to attend a wedding when I was in grad school. I wore/wear vintage jackets/suits, etc. and most of the other accessories I have are gold (colored). I had no idea about watches at the time. I went to a jeweler in downtown Iowa City (1999-ish), saw this watch, put it on a credit card.

My friend asked me if I got this from an employer for all my years of work.

I've avoided gold since. It seems old school, and while I like it well enough, I don't need too much in that area. My accessories tend to run in the silver/stainless/white gold vein.

All that said, I think gold definitely looks good.

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