So who really makes Parnis watches?

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So who really makes Parnis watches?

Post by JAS1125 » Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:16 am

Nicely researched article.....I'm a fan of homage, and Parnis, Bliger and Corgeut have really stepped up their game, in my opinion. In many models, sapphire crystal, solid end links and glide-lock bracelets. Much superior to the Alpha's of old.

Tip of the hat to Racer-X for finding this....thanks Russ

Who Manufactures Parnis Watches?
by Tom Adelstein

Parnis is a watch brand sold primarily through e-commerce. Parnis offerings have acquired the attention of a number of media outlets including GQ (Charm on the Cheap), Esquire, YouTube (with search results exceeding 8000 unique videos uploaded), blogs, social media including Facebook, Google+, watch forums such as the watchuseek forum (WUS) and what Wikipedia calls a non-exhaustive list of major Photo-sharing sites.

Many writers on watch forums refer to Parnis as a maker of "homage watches". Homage meaning a watch that copies the original design of another watch company such as Rolex. I often say that if Parnis is strictly a homage watch company, then you have to extend the same label to Seiko and Citizen watches.

You might find it surprising that Parnis' success has resulted from word-of-mouth. Parnis does not advertise. Watch enthusiasts give Parnis plenty of social media attention.

Those outlets and some fairly informed observers have speculated wildly about the company's structure, operations and issues as to its viability as a going concern. In North America, I found few sources of empirical information about the company other than trademark registrations. I decided to do an investigation on my own and found help from contacts I made in the Chinese watch industry. Without their assistance, I doubt I would have found the company's showroom.

In this article, I'm going to report our team's findings about the company. We believe Parnis is viable for a small brand. We see little risk associated with owning their products. The company is owned by a moderately successful businessman in Guangzhou, China and his product is in contrast to the generally held opinion of Chinese watches. ... mpany.html
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