Who invented the winding mechanism by movement of a rotor?

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Who invented the winding mechanism by movement of a rotor?

Post by James Elsener » Wed Apr 17, 2019 3:55 pm

Some say it has invented by the watchmaker Abraham Louis Perrelet from Le Locle in about 1770.

Other historians attribute the invention to the young watchmaker Hubert Sarton born on November 3, 1748 in what is now the Belgian town Liège. Hubert Sarton is said to have invented the winding by rotor in 1778.

The watch historian Joseph Flores is of the opinion that the invention must be attributed to Hubert Sarton and he has wrote a book about it. An interesting summary of this book can be found here.

I for my part do not know it. Both schools of thought have points going for them as well as some opposing their view.

On the eve of the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, Mr. Flores is to present his findings in a get together of watch historians and watch creators alike at the Salon GTE in Geneva. The Salon GTE being the exhibition of the independent watchmakers and watch engineers. It is held at the International Geneva Conference Center and features some of the most stunning watches ever made.

The SIHH as well as the GTE can be visited on invitation only. They are open to watch distributors only and a few selected journalists.
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