A guide of how to distinguish the real thing from the fake o

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A guide of how to distinguish the real thing from the fake o

Post by James Elsener » Wed Apr 17, 2019 4:00 pm

A must read for the serious collector?

Yes most definitively.

The Swiss author Fabrice Guéroux has done it again. He published his first book on how to spot fake watches in 2006.

In March 2010, Fabrice and his publisher, brought out the revised (I dare say totally new) edition. Reading it one can feel the love the author has for genuine watches.

For those collecting watches the book is a treasure trove of information and highlights what to look out for. It also maps out likely future routes the fakers take from a quality point of view.

As the book is very well illustrated with tons of high resolution pictures it lends itself to be taken along to watch fairs where vintage watches are traded, too.

It can be purchased online for those into wanting to avoid the pitfalls of fakes.

I bought mine at Baselworld, read through it in one night and since than it has found a happy home on my desk to be consulted whenever I feel like adding a new member to my watch collection.
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