I have some watches here that I don’t wear.

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I have some watches here that I don’t wear.

Post by svaglic » Sun Feb 19, 2023 10:52 am

I’ve been organizing and consolidating. I would like these to go. I will ship out in a week, that gives me time to look for extra links for the watches in the last picture.
They look decent, I can not and will not guarantee any of them. To my knowledge, they were fine when I stopped wearing them and since sitting they may be slow, fast or other issues.
If anyone here wants one or two of these, let me know, pm me your address and I’ll get it sent out to you.
The cost to you is nothing, I’ll cover shipping and the watches are free.

Armida 62mas. TAKEN
The NFW one%. Made for a cancer fundraiser. I really like this, it’s just too big and heavy for me. I had George add a bracelet so it comes with the strap

Circula, it’s blue, my exquisite photography skills make it look black.
Prometheus, the dial is charcoal.

TAKEN. Newmark, a Kickstarter watch.
I also have these, batteries need changed, they are dead and have been dead. May or may not have leaked. I will toss one of these in with one of the ones listed above. Two are automatic, the Invicta skeleton and the Orient Ray. The Reactor is tritium.

All of these watches will need cleaned, don’t judge me on that, they have been shoved off in a corner of a room. They were dust collectors. I also have two long haired black cats that know what no means, but don’t care, so there is a good chance you will see some black cat hair as they helped me lay them out and photograph them.

Hopefully they will find a home and be appreciated more than I did. They were either too big, too heavy or uncomfortable on my wrist.

When you get the watch, please don’t thank me or use my name in a post. I have a crazy stalker Accutronitis I’m trying to steer clear of and he lurks at forums looking for info on me.
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