Yesterday, one for the records! An Intro and Update for All

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Yesterday, one for the records! An Intro and Update for All

Post by mrneddles » Sat Sep 29, 2012 4:40 am

We had a record number of users visiting the site yesterday. Obviously the XMT announcement was the reason. Certainly glad that we have some new/old faces now. :cheers:

A few thoughts for those that are new regarding my limited policies:

-Although I am mod/admin, I do not "moderate" in the heavy handed manner that some may be accustomed to. I am here just to keep the place tidy and keep the content going when needed. I am not a policeman, and will never act like one. You are all adults, figure out skirmishes for yourself if any arise.

-My wish for the content here is to always be "fair and balanced". Discuss the good and bad, without concern of sponsors or offending anyone's sensibilities. There is no agenda here other than watch talk/education. (I personally hate Invicta and Sturhling Original, and would torch both operations if it were moral and legal, however I will try to keep myself restrained.)

-Keep religion and politics OUT. These are very personal subjects, and arguing about them is pointless in my opinion. It just creates frustration and bad blood.

-Do not post fakes or replicas unless the intent is to education us on identifying them. (Marina Militare makes my delete button finger very itchy, but most of the members here so far seem to have some sense about that "brand")

-Check out the Watch Brand of the Day and always feel free to start threads in this section. If we get a double post, I will change the date of one for the following day.

-Check out the Take a Penny Leave a Penny giveaway game. It is first come first serve on newly posted watches, so check it early and often.

Other than that, a big thank you to all the membership. Carry on and have fun.

Mortuus Fakeuus

Re: Yesterday, one for the records! An Intro and Update for All

Post by Mortuus Fakeuus » Sat Sep 29, 2012 11:10 am

Thanks for keeping the forum away from political and religious discussions; I know from personal experience how destructive such discussions can be. No thread is worth the loss of friendships and the ongoing angst that always follows...just my zwei pfennigs, meine Freunde.
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