FYI - XMT is done

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FYI - XMT is done

Post by Guest » Fri Sep 28, 2012 6:05 am

I hope that it is OK to post it here. If it isn't, please delete. The following is from a thread over at XMT regarding the end of the forum:

Well guys,

I've listened to everyone's comments and put some serious thought into my decision...

While I still like watches a lot, I probably won't be spending hundreds of dollars on one again any time soon, not that the PRICE of a watch really has anything to do with the PASSION for collecting them. And I guess that is what a watch forum should be all about, PASSION.

After a few days of thinking, the PASSION for watches just is not there for me any longer. I really don't think me creating a site that has to do with watches AND other hobbies would really fly either because invariably, all those other HOBBIES probably have forums already.

While I appreciate every member who ever was a part of XMT, there are some I really have to give a special shout out too...

Wisconsin Proud - Dan, probably known you the longest, I still have my Favre Packer Jerseys, thanks bro!

Barnbuilder - Ron, I will NEVER get rid of the watch box you made for me, between what I have left and my wife's watches, it will always be full! Your generosity I do not believe has ever been matched in the watches you freely gave to people simply because you enjoyed seeing others enjoy watches, expecting nothing in return, you are a great guy!

PacificChrono - Tom, I've always enjoyed our conversations both about watches, our health, computers, cameras, you name it! You probably have one of the best collection of vintage watches anyone on any forum has! You take pictures that I have often tried to match how great they are, you set a very high bar, thanks man!

Andrema - Mark, whenever I see ESPN I still always think of you, thanks for sticking with this place when it was fun and when it wasn't!

Atomic Tom - Tom, Thanks man for your never ending positive attitude at XMT! Any forum you are a member of is better because you are there!

Smellody - Chris, thanks so much for helping out here, you have some damn fine Tudors!


To all the people I ever pissed off, I wanna say I AM SORRY, it was stupid on my part to ever get to the point of arguing about watches, it should be a fun HOBBY, not a source of aggravation...

To anyone who may want to take this site over or start their own, probably the best advice I have received is this, make the site the way YOU want it, state the rules up front and stick with it. Some will like it, some will hate it, but that is just the fact of it, you will NEVER make EVERY member happy...

Thanks again for all the great times we've had here...


Re: FYI - XMT is done

Post by Guest » Fri Sep 28, 2012 6:50 am

FYI - I posted a new thread over at XMT regarding the closing. I added a link to this forum.

Re: FYI - XMT is done

Post by Guest » Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:51 pm

andrema wrote:I think XMT may just be transitioning to a different owner. Time will tell.

You, or Atomic Tom? :)
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