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Seiko 7619-7070

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:46 pm
by svaglic
Groundhog did a review on this in 2013 and I have been looking for a nice one at a decent price since then. Another one off my list.
Mine isn't as nice as GH's, it is missing some lettering. I'm not sure why, I'm thinking someone cleaned the dial and used that putty to remove some dust and the letters came off with it. Other than that it is a very nice watch in great condition.
I was in love with the textured indices and date window, the hidden crown was the icing on the cake for me.

The case back is in great shape, a lot of these are polished and the engraved info is hard to see.

11mm high and neither crown is signed. 42.8mm lug to lug.

It is supposed to come on a beads of rice, luckily I have a couple old Seiko ones so that will be fixed tonight. The lug width is 18mm.

The 7619 is supposed to be a good movement, the biggest issue to know about is the date setting. It has a quickset button for the date, if you press it after 9:00pm on the watch you will force the date wheel backwards into the date corrector. Then the lever and hairspring come out when the shaft holding them in comes off. It is a date wheel issue and your date wheel will no longer work until you get it fixed. I can't imagine wanting to wear a watch with loose parts floating around though. So if you are in the market for a 7619, make sure the date changes with no issues or you will have trouble finding parts to fix it and may have loose parts floating in it.
The seller said it was made in May of 1966. I have not checked it out yet, but will later when I have some time.

Re: Seiko 7619-7070

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 9:50 pm
by Mortuus Fakeuus
Okay, OKAY, svagy!! Would you please STOP IT, already? You've more than made up for my getting you hooked on that Grand Seiko, way back when... Jeezops, I'm not EVER gonna catch up with you NOW, Allison, and now I'm the one who's not only gotta have THIS one, but that damned Yema Seaspider, that evil-as-Einstein Seiko 4s15-7000 Titanium Diver (FFS!), that bloody damned Vulcain Cricket, that by-GOD Eterna Kon Tiki, and even that freaking yellow-dialed rattly old Orient Mako, for cripes' fargen sake and dammit-to-freakin' Gumby, AS WELL!!!

I swear by the Beatles, the Bangles and even BE-BOP DELUXE, if I didn't love you like the little sister I never had, when I was growing up, I'd do something really desperate at this point... Like sending you some delicious, irresistible See's Chocolates (Copyright ©1928, Mary See, all rights reserved), laced with EX-LAX Choco-Chewables™ or some such thing... :shock:


So now that you know how jealous I am, please allow me to tell you how thrilled and uber-chuffed I am to see you make a pickup like this one; it truly IS, in my not-so-humble opine, more than the equivalent of ANY -- and maybe even ALL -- of my vintage Citizen Auto-Daters, and you, of all my friends, know what those mean to me, mon cher ami! Congratulations from someone who knows full well what these true classics mean to you; I could not be more happy if I had scored these beautiful pieces for myself...

:oops:,okay, so not even I, the Horological Prince of Death, can prevaricate that well...

Still, since I'm NOT the one who managed to amass these truly amazing timepieces (OOH! :suspect: There's that evil word again! GRRRR!), I'm appoplectic with pure, unadulterated pleasure and scintillating JOY that YOU got this awesome -- seriously awesome! -- Seiko, one that Yours Truly has been seeking for more time than I care to be reminded about... all that just an itsy-bit too much of a good thing? Okay, fair enough... ;) :arrow:

All righty, then; please allow me to humbly say a heartfelt WELL DONE, svagy. You were always so kind to tell me that I had helped you learn about vintage watches, but, in all candor, you've become the teacher, and you're the one that I'm learning from these days. And I know Matt would say the same thing, were he not a colossal turd and staying away from us the way he has. Still, were he here, I know he would readily join in with a hale and hearty CONGRATULATIONS, ALLISON!! You seriously ROCK DA HOUSE, ma'am!! 8)

---------=========<<<<<<<<<OKAY, ALL:
BIG FREAKIN' ANNOUNCEMENT HERE!!>>>>>>>>>=========---------

THEREFORE, and sew fourth (and if I can figure out how to DO it), I hereby announce the creation of a NEW title, here at WatchForums, that of the Master Vintage Watch Collector, with the corresponding name color of
DEEP VIOLET, which is the color of all things classic, (or, in the case of Conjurer, just freaking OLD)... CONGRATULATIONS, svaglic, Master Vintage Watch Collector! *

[*So, if one of you talented Mr. Ripley computer whizz-bangers would lend an old guy a hand here and please make this happen, I would be ever so mucho appreciatado, por favor, and sew fourth ... THANX, fellers! :face: ]

Re: Seiko 7619-7070

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:25 pm
by Artman
Congrats Svagy on the beautiful watch and the badass new title!

Re: Seiko 7619-7070

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 5:31 am
by svaglic
Thanks guys. There are other 7619's that have the hidden crowns out there, but I held out til I found this one with the textured indices and date window. They are reasonably priced, so I got lucky there, usually what I like is costly.
No titles for me Mort, I don't have a clue about most stuff in the watch world. In fact, I don't even know enough computer stuff to be having the access I do to the forum as a moderator. Handing that title and access off to NC or Arty would be best for the forum.

Re: Seiko 7619-7070

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 3:44 pm
by Mortuus Fakeuus
Nope. Sorry, the MIND of Mort has been MADE UP!! YOU, dear svagy, are gonna be as PURPLE as conjurer's phizz after a couple of Señor Citizens' Beer & Shot specials down to the ol' Dew Drawp Inn... I know we won't be able to match WL when it comes to cool titles and what-not, but it's always a good idea to recognize talent AND achievements, both of which apply to you, ma'am. You're not just our svagy any more, nope, uh-uh: you're now our by God PURPLE SVAGY, Master Vintage Watch Collector [cue the balloons and the band, Tony!] and all-around way-cool wartch collecting gal, par excellance!! As they said at Lincoln's death bed, "Move his feet over to the corner, Jeff, this buggur is freakin' TALL, ferchrissake!"

Oh, shit. Sorry, wrong quote. :oops: Ah, here we go: "Now she (meaning you) belongs to the ages..."

NOPE, m'mind's made up, firm as concrete, ma'am... 8)

Re: Seiko 7619-7070

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 4:12 pm
by NorthCountry
I definitely like this one. Your collection has surely changed from a few years ago, and thats a good thing! Glad you scored that beauty. Enjoy.

Re: Seiko 7619-7070

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:23 pm
by Ocean
Very nice and well done! One of my favorites and some I’m holding on to from my trip to Japan for future reviews of some that haven’t seen the light of day in years. It truly amazes me how it took so long for the world to see!