Glad to see this up and going

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Glad to see this up and going

Post by mikiehorn » Thu Mar 28, 2019 6:11 am

Hi folks. Just thought I'd stop by and see what's going on here. To avoid any questions about "what happened" I'll clear the air as much as I'm comfortable doing so.

Over time the old forum continued to shrink; plagued with server problems - there was a losing battle to fight. I can honestly praise those who stayed and contributed and understand those who went on to do other things they felt were more appropriate to their time and interests. I entered this hobby in 2004 and it has run its course from Invicta to Rolex to everything (literally) in-between for me.

I recognize many names here both from the archives and currently contributing. Hello to all. Over the last 3 years I've had minor health issues since my 2013 heart attack and triple bypass. Nothing chronic and nothing life threatening I've bee told. As I approach my 72nd year on earth - I'm still working full time training troops in South Korea and enjoying every second of the experience.

Not so my dear wife who has developed chronic mobility problems and other health related issues that have absorbed my time, effort and total concentration. We recently came back from a 19 day cruise from Dubai to Singapore with stays at both ends to cap a lifetime of togetherness with each other. My other efforts are looking forward to either retirement or accepting another Army contract here in Daegu. We will see.

My hobby has slowed down a bit since the Rolex Explorer II. Since then came a Omega Moon Watch a Hamilon X-Wind and a few beaters that wound up as gifts or 'stolen' by mrsmikie.

I cannot take the time and effort to be a major contributor as I was of old but hope to sneak in from time to time to add to your horological mayhem!
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Re: Glad to see this up and going

Post by Darksider » Thu Mar 28, 2019 9:36 am

It would have been a lot easier to have had backups so 14 years worth of posts would not have gone poof. For a period of almost four years I was told one thing by you and then story continued to change. Perhaps the issue DoxaDick has with me and Watchlords is this ... 95#p192695 or perhaps the screen shots taken and posted of Walca East with Doxa cases and movements on a Chinese Assembly line

“The choices before me go much deeper than just technical issues -
there are bad feelings between our server owner (and co-owner) and
of the groups who wish to help us the most. Smoothing the waters
most important in my mind as I don't wish to alienate any party
to help. Sadly - I wasn't aware of all the intrigue and animosity
swirling around me - found out the hard way for sure.

I will make a decision that's best for all of us - as soon as
for sure - and pray that what's done will be digestible for all

2016-05-05 17:45
My main goal is still to move BDWF to a more stable server and bring the original BDWF database intact to that new site. This will take Rick's permission and I think I understood his last conversation to me that this would be ok. BUT - he remains fiercely paranoid about my contacts with you or any other relationship to with WLs ...

As soon as can come up for air - I'll pursue the move. Just a wee bit preoccupied.

Former members of the original forum including Jas and Conjurer offered to help pay for the move. You would not have been out a penny. The fact that you were scared shitless of DoxaDick was obvious

On 2015-12-06 18:15, Mike Horn wrote:

Rick let off some 'steam' when I mentioned W/L - and I was blind
sided. I knew generally about the controversy but never associated it
with you at the time and let it rest. I own a Divingstar GMT
purchased many years ago second hand and quite enjoy it. That's as far as my association with Doxa as a brand.

My work load has increased exponentially here in Korea over recent months and my time sadly for more pleasant activities has been limited. Rick wants to talk to me and I've tried to respond but my
emails have recently been rejected - need to chat with him about what needs to happen.

Please forgive my sparse responses to your generous offers as I value
our BDWF database of many years and need to see how flexible Rick is
on giving up the data. I've had problems reaching his email used in
correspondence between us when I need access the most - as my time is
greatly limited. I will respond as soon as possible as things between
us get sorted out.

I personally value your many previous offers of help and personally
want to express my gratitude for your continuing unconditional offers
of assistance.


Mike Horn
Daegu - Republic of Korea

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Sent: Dec 5, 2015 3:24 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: BDWF


I was sent a copy of your post below. I had not been aware that Doxa
a co-owner of your forum but that still would not and does not
offer of help to you and BDWF.

The issue between Doxa and I goes back to my time at BDWF in 2008 or
I discovered the photos on Walca East of the Doxa subs being made in
Asia and on the assembly line there. I posted the photos, the links
where then removed in 24 hours and I was accused by some of photo
shopping the pictures which was BS. After that I started getting
harassed by Doxa at WUS and elsewhere. When the original WL site was
a thread which was also moved to the new forum. We also
the claims of not only Doxa but of other watch companies regarding
Orange dials and when I posted the photos at a dive sub forum at
Doxa mods came after me despite there not being a mention of them in
post. They brag about their relationship with Jacques Cousteau and I
pointed out that he was a traitor who left his post in France during

I do not know the relationship between BDWF and Doxa but I know a
folks are fans and a lot are not. I know that Doxa mods ban easily
WUS and threaten forum owners (I am not the first). I even allowed a
of Doxa into the forum and he started a “let’s crack this Doxa
thread. He left after a 6 page thread where he could not prove his
claims. Does anything Doxa do bother me, no it does not. Do I care
they exist, no, they are nothing more than an internet brand to me,
Invicta, Croton and the rest of the micro brands.

At any rate, the offer to have BDWF on my vps with your own console
open, to take over Watchforums as BDWF or perhaps even have your own
such as the one I have at knownhost. I sent you the email contents
Dion who I trust to do whatever needs to be dealt with at my forum.
you were able to get back up and running.

----Original Message-----
Sent: Feb 2, 2019 2:27 AM
To: Mike Horn <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: STATUS

Hello Mike, I hope all is well with you and your wife. Just a short note
to let you know that Rick is spamming BDWF members with Doxa crap and
they do not like it. Their dislike of it has been posted not only on WL
but the hijacked site as well. You had previously mentioned you might
have backups or such at godaddy.

And you last email in regards to this

From Mike Horn
Date 2019-02-01 18:31
Contact photo
Message Body
Sorry to hear of all the misuse of the forums. I'm checking - still checking - looking for the files that will help.
Wife has good and not so good days - expected as we get older. Best wishes for a successful (Lunar) New Year.
It's impolite in Korea to call it Chinese New Year - although the Year of the Pig seems to be universal …



The simple fact is you lied to me and to members of your forum who held out hope that the original BDWF would be restored to what it once was. You never had backups, you never confronted DoxaDick and you did not give a dame about your members. You are lacking in class and the members of the original BDWF deserved much better. Your one and only post here only confirms that your self interest is all that mattered. That indeed in my opinion speaks volumes about the lack of respect you must have felt for the members who fought hard to keep the original forum alive. I have nothing but contempt for you.

"wound up halfway under a slab of cement in the Pentagon on 9/11. 17 surgeries over a 28-month period"
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Re: Glad to see this up and going

Post by Darksider » Thu May 23, 2019 8:52 am


"wound up halfway under a slab of cement in the Pentagon on 9/11. 17 surgeries over a 28-month period"
"Legion of Merit, Purple Heart with Gold Star, 8 Air Medals"
Stolen Valor by Misterjingles
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Re: Glad to see this up and going

Post by Darksider » Tue Aug 27, 2019 10:19 am

arubalou wrote:
Thu Mar 28, 2019 11:21 am
Didnt you lie about having backups of the original forum?

To answer your question, Mr. Horn never had any backups nor did he know how to run a forum. The tool from Doxa (before he left under what conditions?) controlled the forum server and forum in general. Mr. Horn put himself before thinking of others. He could have easily sent copies of the downloads to admins here but he whined about his life and poor little him.

Think about this, 14 years of forum history gone because two fools chose to have temper tantrums rather than honor the work of the members of the original site. As far as I am concerned both of them have proven to have no honor and to be selfish pricks. Nothing unusual for the doxa boy but I expected more out of Mr. Horn.

"wound up halfway under a slab of cement in the Pentagon on 9/11. 17 surgeries over a 28-month period"
"Legion of Merit, Purple Heart with Gold Star, 8 Air Medals"
Stolen Valor by Misterjingles
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Re: Glad to see this up and going

Post by GeorgeH » Sun Sep 01, 2019 1:15 am

I have read some harsh words regarding Mr. Horn. I am a Vietnam Vet and also a caregiver for my wife who is totally disabled. I am willing to cut some slack for someone who served (serves) our Country in the Military and/or has an ailing spouse. However, this does not mean I am happy about how BDWF ended.

75 and still alive
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