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Hello from The Watch Review Site UK

Post by TheWatchReviewSite » Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:37 pm

Hi All,

Firstly, we are glad to be part of this watch forum and look forward to being a very small part or cog of the wheel to making it the success it deserves.

Introducing www.thewatchreviewsite.co.uk or TheWatchReviewSite as is our user name on this forum, well we are a fairly recent addition to the wristwatch blogging and reviewing world and The Watch Review Site is one of few UK based Watch Review Site's, most of the watch review sites stem from over the pond in the good old USA.

We hope we can list some good reviews and information about watch makers and brands around the world for you all to comment on and discuss freely.

Oh the blurb on our website says "Here at The Watch Review Site we have something for you, from exclusive designer watch reviews, fashion watch reviews, prestigious watch reviews, Aviators, Sports, Diving Watches. Whatever your ‘cup of tea’ we will get you product information, photos, watch news and reviews.

Watch it….. The Watch Review Sites’ home here at www.thewatchreviewsite.co.uk aims to be the definitive industry resource, we will be featuring the latest watch news, watch reviews, product information, watch makers company details, timepiece photography and more from the world’s foremost watchmakers and designers."

Thanks for having us.

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