WBOTD 7-5-12: Botta-Design

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WBOTD 7-5-12: Botta-Design

Post by DBCooper » Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:18 pm

Product concept

Watches from Botta-Design are characterized by a concentration on the bare essentials. The salient design features of every Botta-Design wristwatch are functional clarity and a high degree of technical aesthetic which is underlined by the choice of materials and the precision of the workmanship.

The design deliberately rejects faddish attributes and historicizing elements. Botta-Design wristwatches are developed in accordance with the following basic principles:

· an intelligent and contemporary design concept
· sophisticated functionality on all counts
· outstanding workmanship
· technical and design durability

The Botta-Design team also supports you with an efficient and customer-oriented after-sales service.

Botta-Design wristwatches accompany their wearer over many years and continue to impress in terms of technical function and appearance even years down the line.

Botta appears to be on the one hand bandwagon (which I personally don't care for), but I like the Tres Automatic pictured below. I went through the checkout process and the final price including shipping on this one is 619.83 € or about 768.00 USD. Made in Germany, 42mm, ETA 2824-2, sapphire crystal. Check out the caseback.


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Re: WBOTD 7-5-12: Botta-Design

Post by Ocean » Thu Jul 05, 2012 6:24 pm

Nice work DB! I'm glad to see someone other than Mrneddles or myself post the WBOTD. I hope to see more of our members post here not only to show a brand but to also let other members learn something new, as I stated previously not a member here knows ever brand out there. Once again great job DB.
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