WBOTD 7/18/12 Edmond Watches

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WBOTD 7/18/12 Edmond Watches

Post by Ocean » Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:43 am


Luxury watches

A Swiss watches is a must-have among the men's accessories. With an original design, our luxury watches will give you a modern and resolute touch. The designer Jean Pierre Edmond offers its new automatic watches collection whose sporty style is gracefully declined and agrees to all the circumstances: For leisure or for business.

Automatic watches

Our Swiss watches brand is made by passionates for mechanical watch lovers. Our automatic watch born thanks to the Swiss know-how, developed from the beginning of the watchmaking. These watches are powered with an accurate and reliable mechanical movement which winds up automatically, they are carefully studied and crafted to give the owner owners the pleasure of having a luxury watch made to cross time over.

Watch brand

Watch for men

Founded by JP Edmond, a designer passionate of watch-making, the quality watch brand EDMOND was introduced in Autumn 2008 after a large amount of work focused on searching, prototyping, and development of its original watches.This watch brand offers the "Lock-Ed collection": a range of automatic watches built around an exclusive system of innovative lock that protects the crown and facilitate adjustment.

The ambition of the Swiss watch Edmond is to offer lovers of fine Swiss watches a watch brand for men, with design quality at affordable prices.

Quality watch brand

The watch brand industry is one of the few areas where originality and innovation are still appreciated. In this context, the designer JP Edmond offers luxury watches that distill a real pleasure to their owners through their unique concept, quality, and modern and timeless design.

This brand is for lovers of innovation, looking for a product like no other. By choosing one of them, you will know the pleasure of having found for men hat matches your personality and will impress your friends.
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