WBOTD 8/13/12 Nivrel

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WBOTD 8/13/12 Nivrel

Post by Ocean » Mon Aug 13, 2012 2:42 am

I have posted some of the prototypes but have never done a WBOTD. Think some of the styles are very nice. They say made in Germany with a Swiss heart. My thought is if it doesn't have a German movement it isn't German. These are still some nice watches for the money.

NIVREL watches are designed and manufactured in Germany, specifically in the Saarland, in Saarbruecken's suburb St. Arnual. At NIVREL, we only use Swiss movements, which are refined and decorated to a great extent until they finally become the beating heart of a NIVREL timepiece. A NIVREL watch therefore is called 'the German watch with a Swiss Heart'. The brand slogan 'Coeur de la Sarre' (French for 'The heart of the Saar region') is an integral part of our brand logo and expresses our solidarity with the Saarland and the entire Saar-Lor-Lux region.

NIVREL is a registered trademark of our company, the Gerd Hofer GmbH, located in Saarbrucken, in Germany’s federal state Saarland. The strong alliance of today‘s technical possibilities and yesterday‘s style of craftsmanship produces fascinating mechanical watches that have found friend all over the world.


New models for 2012


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