WBOTD 9/4/12 Momentum watch

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WBOTD 9/4/12 Momentum watch

Post by Ocean » Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:17 am

Well I can tell you this the Tide II that I own is a pretty decent watch not sure if it worth the 440 msrp. Been away for a bit see things are still here. Other than a thread that was hijacked into something well it is what it is. Back to to Momentum watch by St Mortiz is out of Canada.


St. Moritz Watch Corp. commenced operations in North America in 1980.

From the outset, we specialized in high quality sports watches, producing our own designs and also acting as agents for some well-known Swiss brands. We developed a strong OEM clientele, designing, manufacturing and servicing durable watches for a number of prestige clients under their own brands. Our clients include some of the most prestigious sports chains, catalog companies and automobile manufacturers in the world.

Our watch collection expanded slowly but steadily, based on our reputation for providing customers with unparalleled value for money. Nobody is tougher on watches than SCUBA divers, so it is no coincidence that we have become particularly well known as a manufacturer of high quality divers’ and watersports watches.

By the early 1990’s, we decided to focus on our own Momentum® and St. Moritz brands, and gradually relinquished agencies for other watch lines. We have become market leaders in the specialty SCUBA market segment, with an unmatched selection of different models, technologies and price-points. Our expertise in waterproof watches has also allowed us to expand rapidly into specialty sports, outdoor and paddle stores, with an emphasis on functional, legible watches that are built to last.

While the movements in our watches come either from Switzerland or Japan, we source components for our watches from all over the world. It is not unusual to find one of our models using a Swiss movement, a Japanese steel case and a deluxe band from Italy. Our goal is always to provide the best quality and value, sourcing each part that goes into our watches directly from the source, to deliver the maximum “bang for the buck”.

Today, with offices, warehouse facilities and Service Centers in Canada, the USA and Europe, we continue to build our reputation for value, quality and service. Our worldwide sales are expanding, with a steady increase in new dealers, distributors and service points around the globe. Our company is a founder member of DEMA (the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association) and a member of the Outdoor Industries Association.

We continue to strive to put the best into our products, spending extra time on the smallest details, so that our watches will truly be “a little out of the ordinary”…. If you already wear a St. Moritz or Momentum® watch, we hope the energy and passion we put into each product we make will make itself felt!

ImageThis is the one I have. Thanks Conjurer damn enabler.
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