WBOTD 9/19/12 Normal Watches

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WBOTD 9/19/12 Normal Watches

Post by Ocean » Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:58 am

Some time I just can't help myself. A company that MD might be able to work for if things go south in cheese land.


The Story of Normal Watches:

Matthew and Shayne met in jail. Shayne had been arrested for protesting the US invasion of Iraq. Matthew, well, let's just say it's public record if you really want to know. They quickly formed a bond over music, film, fashion, and being stuck in the joint -after- having quit smoking. Over the years, they stayed in touch as Matthew barnstormed the music and broadcasting worlds and Shayne became an Art Director at the likes of Atlantic Records and VH1 Classic.

While showering, however, they talked about starting a company that pushes the envelope creatively, that connects with people in an immediate way. Something that gets people excited! Most of the haters told them to explicitly avoid making watches since no one needed them anymore to tell the time (cell phones, iPods, etc), so that's exactly what they created -- a watch company dedicated to "trailblazing sub couture." They released their first line of watches in March of 2008 and will have 15 watches available by the end of the year. All for under $20.

The jail where they met will forever be etched upon their wrists. Interestingly, it was in Normal, Illinois...

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